10 Awesome Ways to Add Pull Out Storage to Your Kitchen Cabinet


This is one of those areas in the kitchen and bathroom that’s always messy. We keep cleaners, sponges, soaps, towels and tons more under the sink.

Believe it or not, there are slide out storage products that are geared specifically for the under sink area.

These organizer pull outs are easy to install and often times help you avoid intrusive plumbing and pipes.

There are two types of organizers I recommend, One, a pull out that slides out toward you to easily access items. Two, a cabinet door mounted organizer that rotates out as you open the door and a third, is to add a trash pull out that fits under the sink. However, that may be more of a in-depth DIY project.

My all-time favorite product for the under-sink area is the pull out caddy.

It has a wire frame that sits on slides which makes it easy to access. The base is made of a plastic mold, so you can keep cleaners, sponges and other items that may leak.

Another great feature of the pull out caddy is its ability to hold paper towels. This makes it simple to bring with you throughout the home and get to work.