11 Products I Wish I Would Have Bought Sooner


Have you ever seen those posts on social media that say “I was today years old when?”

And then that phrase is followed by something amazing.

  • Like the fact that owls have extraordinarily long legs
  • Or if you replace the “W” in what, where and when with a “T” you answer the questions.
  • Or that California has a bigger population than Canada.
  • Breakfast comes from “breaking your fast”
  • Ctrl Z erases your last keyboard stroke

This is the story of my life. I can’t even tell you how many times I discover something new that everyone else already knew about.

Like amazing game-changing products.

For example, I was telling my friend about this grout pen that you can use to completely change the color of your grout (kind of like a paint pen) and she ALREADY KNEW about it.

Of course she did.

So just in case you haven’t heard about these products? I had to share.

Here are 11 products I wish I had known about sooner.

1. Grout Pen

Here’s the grout pen that I have. 

It’s kind of a game-changer. The downstairs bathroom has 50-year-old grout that will NOT come clean no matter how hard I scrub and how much I clean it.

And then?

I found this grout pen that works just like a paint pen. You draw a line with it on top of your current grout and it looks so white and new. And it holds up, too. I used it several months ago and it still looks white and clean.

You can see the grout pen here.


2. Under the sink pull-out organizer

Where do you keep your sponge?

I used to keep it on the edge of the sink. I even ordered cute sponges that matched my kitchen. The challenge is that all sponges start out cute and then it’s downhill from there (can you tell I’m watching skiing as I’m typing this)?

The sponges get so icky after a while that I didn’t want them on the sink. So I’d put them under the sink and they’d get lost and glumpy and mix in with everything else. I’d be kneeling down trying to find the sponge or a cleaner or the dish soap or these cute blue and white reusable dish towels and I’d get so frustrated.

And then I found this pull-out organizer.

I’ve used it for about nine months now and I love it just as much as the first day it was installed. It keeps everything organized under the sink because you just pull it out to use it and put everything right back where it goes.

Every time I pull it out it makes me so happy.


You can see the pull-out organizer here.

3. Chair leg floor protectors

I have old wood floors in my house.

Older than the internet wood floors that need extra TLC.

Every time someone pulls a chair out or moves furniture around? It scratches the floor. But not now because I found these chair leg floor protectors.

They come in a set of 40 pieces for all the chairs in your house.

You can see the entire chair leg floor protector set here.


4. These food storage containers for the fridge

I eat so many fruits and vegetables (which are so expensive now) and I wanted to keep them fresh (and organized) in the fridge so they were ready at a moment’s notice. I want to bring them home from the grocery store, clean and wash them and put them into a container so I have them ready. Then there are no excuses not to eat them. I tried so many different containers and other products that are designed to make life easier and I figured out three things about myself:

  1. I really, really like harder plastic for food storage containers. I think it cleans up better and holds up better over time and I like how clear and see-through it is.
  2. I am kind of picky about my plastic. I wanted to make sure I was using BPA-free plastic for food storage.
  3. I LOVE the snap-and-click with a container. You know. The whoosh when it seals and then the click when it clicks into place. It is SO satisfying.

These containers fit all that criteria.

I have two different sizes. These containers hold 3.2 cups.

These containers hold 4.7 cups.

5. These faux hydrangeas

Of all the faux flowers I have ever bought, these are the most realistic flowers I’ve ever seen.

From the stems that look like real hydrangea stems to the petals that feel soft and super real.

They are sitting on my counter right now in a white vase and they look exactly like the real thing.

You can see the hydrangeas here.


6. These stackable clear organizers

I’ve showed y’all this area before. It’s a closet in the hallway with the linen closet on the other side.

We had bins with random letters on them that used to mean something, but now they were kind of organized, but the bins were really too big to keep everything in place. Stuff ended up getting jumbled up inside and then I recently added some things that I had cleaned out from the bedroom when we redid it.

It was a lot.

I tried a couple of things and landed with these stackable clear organizers. Here’s why I am all about them:

  1. They are stackable. I actually just ordered another set because I have more space to stack more.
  2. They are portable. You can organize them by task. For example, I have my nail stuff in one organizer and my self-tanner stuff in another.
  3. They are clear. I LOVE that they are clear so I can see everything at a glance.
  4. They are hard plastic (BPA free) and so sturdy.
  5. They are flexible. You can adjust how you use them in the space depending on the measurements of your shelves.

You can see it here.


7. These spinnable earring organizers

I literally feel like I’m earring shopping with these earring organizers.

They automatically extend your earring wardrobe because you can see everything with a spin.

The organizers are four-sided and have hooks to hang the earrings from. With earrings with backs, I don’t take the time to thread them through the holes. Instead, I just add them to the hooks with the space between the earring and the back.

You can see them here.

8. Molly’s Suds

I found Molly’s Suds about 2 months ago and it has changed the way I do laundry.

It’s a miracle worker.

It makes my sheets and towels and slipcovers whiter and brighter. You can see the before and after of my slipcovers here.

And you can find Molly’s Suds here.


9. These drawer organizers

I posted about these a while back and they were my best-seller for two weeks in a row.

These drawer organizers are amazing.

I’ve tried several different iterations of this product and these are by far the best value for the money. One of the best products that make life easier—they come in a set of 25 and there are four different sizes of containers so you have so many combinations and ways to set them up to fit any drawer. They have these little rubber feet on the bottom that completely hold them in place and prevent them from moving around and they even fit inside each other (you can see the small chalk bin and the small thumbtack bin actually fit inside the larger square bin).

With all the individual containers and compartments in the drawer, you can use something and put it right back in its own little container so it all stays neat.

You can see them here.

10. These sweater and top organizers

With the bedroom makeover, I added these super inexpensive closet units on the wall.

Here’s a glimpse inside to see how I organized everything. I organized the shelves inside the cabinets with these amazing sweater/top organizers.

They are kind of game-changers.

I used to hang up my sweaters, but they get so stretched out, so I was looking for a solution to add the sweaters to the shelves in an organized way. I use this sweater folder to fold the sweaters and then I organize them according to color.

I can see them all at a glance now and it made so much more space in the closet for other hanging clothes.

You can see the organizers here.

11. These stackable shoe organizers (that I don’t use for shoes)

I was trying to find a solution for all the odds and ends in my closet.

And I found these stackable shoe organizers with these mini containers with doors.

I use them to store everything.

Here are just a few of the things I put in here:

  • tights
  • fuzzy socks
  • patterned socks
  • bathing suits
  • scarves
  • belts
  • bathing suit cover-up
  • zippered bags
  • small purses

The possibilities are endless. I wasn’t sure when I ordered them that I would fill them up, but no worries on that. They are the perfect size for so many things.

You can see them here.

Have you already used all these products?

Did you already know about them?

I hope I shared at least one thing that was new.

And if you have anything that’s been changing your life?

I’d love to know, too. 🙂

If you like these ideas?

I’ve uploaded over 90 organizing products that I’ve either ordered or they are on my list.

You can see them all in my Amazon shop here.

disclosure: affiliate links are used in this post

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