11 Ways to Pack Necklaces for Moving So They Arrive in Perfect Condition

As exciting as it is, moving homes can be totally disorienting: You might not even know where your toothbrush is, let alone your priceless items and valuables. Minimize your stress through the process and move with greater peace of mind that your jewelry will arrive safely to your new home with our expert-backed guide to how to pack necklaces for moving.

Whether your necklaces are oversized statement pieces or dainty fine chains, whether they’re pricey pieces or just have serious sentimental value, these are the best ways to pack all types of necklaces for moving. (Bonus: Many of these moving methods are cheap, easy, and use ordinary materials you may already have at home!)

A jewelry box, which is a good way to pack necklaces for moving.
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How to pack necklaces for moving

Method 1: In a jewelry box

No special hack is required for this one: If you have a jewelry box, use it to transport your necklaces, tucked into the designated slots for which they were designed. Bonus: They’re already in place when you get to your new home!

If you’re looking for a jewelry box to purchase ahead of a move, avoid options that use hooks or rods for hanging, as these methods rely on gravity and are likely to release your necklaces in transit. Instead, go for one that uses individual compartments, like these modular stackable trays (from $39.99 from The Container Store), or drawers to secure them, like this extra-large antique-style jewelry box ($299 from Pottery Barn).

Method 2: In a jewelry roll

Think of a jewelry roll as a jewelry box that rolls up — or like a cinnamon roll with your jewels where the icing would go. In this style of storage, you place your jewelry inside, roll it up, and fasten it securely with a tie or snap. A jewelry roll is ideal for moving, traveling, and even everyday storage at home.

This vegan leather jewelry roll ($129 from California Closets) looks and fastens like a chic evening clutch. And this navy and rose gold jewelry roll is ultra-budget friendly ($7.50 from Ulta).

Or try a version of this method with a ready-to-hang fold-up or roll-up case.

“I love the toiletry bag that folds in thirds so when you get to where you’re going it unfolds itself once you hang it from a hook in the bathroom,” explains Sarah Karakaian, a former professional organizer and co-founder of Thanks For Visiting, which helps stagers and hosts organize and declutter their rentals. (You can find these on Amazon for less than $10.)

Drinking straws, which can be used to pack necklaces for moving.
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Method 3: In drinking straws

Ordinary drinking straws — paper instead of plastic for environmental friendliness — can be great options for storing necklaces safely.

Just thread the chain of a necklace through the straw and clasp. For shorter necklaces, trim the straw to fit.

Method 4: Inside toilet paper rolls

If your collection includes a lot of large, chunky statement necklaces versus delicate chains, upcycle toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls to secure them for moving.

The method is similar: As with a drinking straw, thread your necklaces through the cardboard cylinder and clasp. (Bonus: You can simply poke earrings into these same cardboard tubes for transit, too.)

Method 5: Inside plastic baggies

Sealing each necklace within its own individual plastic bag keeps your collection from tangling in transit, and from scratching against other pieces. Use zipper-locking bags to seal them securely.

For added protection, wrap each necklace individually in cotton pads before placing inside the plastic bags if possible. “Cotton helps absorb moisture and prevent mold,” explains Aviad Faruz, who wraps first in cotton and then in plastic bags to ship packages for his jewelry business, Faruzo.

Method 6: Within plastic wrap

The trick here is to seal the necklaces in, so ideally, you’ll need Glad Press’n Seal wrap or something like it to create a seal. Roll out a sheet and lay the necklaces on top. Place a second sheet on top and press the wrap together between each chain.

No Press’n Seal? No problem. Any plastic wrap will do as a way to lay out necklaces and wrap the plastic around them for cushioned storage.

Karakaian recommends combining the plastic wrap and the straw methods into one extra-secure moving solution: “Want to level up protecting your valuable necklaces when traveling long distances or when movers will be handling your boxes? Still feed your necklaces through a straw and then lay out on a piece of cardboard — you’ll have plenty at this point,” she says. “Once your necklaces are laid out, wrap with plastic wrap nice and snug.”

Method 7: With bubble wrap

If you have bubble wrap — and you’re likely to have some handy if you’re moving — you can use it to move your necklaces safely. Simply use tape to secure the necklaces to the wrap and then roll it up with the jewelry inside.

Method 8: Inside a tackle box

Fishing tackle boxes are pre-compartmentalized and make great jewelry storage — especially if you find one with adjustable compartments you can customize for your specific pieces.

This large plastic tackle box ($10.99 on Amazon) has multiple different-sized compartments to fit various jewelry pieces.

Method 9: Inside a pill box

Pill boxes that close securely are great ways to secure small jewelry items. Depending on the size of the compartments, this is typically a better solution for smaller chains (or earrings).

A carabiner, which you could use to pack necklaces.
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Method 10: On a carabiner

Carabiners that clamp or screw to lock make great ways to secure jewelry. Clamp on your necklaces, bracelets, or rings, and your collection is good to go.

Method 11: In a glasses case

Snap-closure glasses cases can safely transport larger necklaces for moving. They’re already padded by design, which prevents scratching or snagging

Tips for packing necklaces

Experts offer these six general tips for packing necklaces for a move:

Pack each item individually

 “Try to store each jewelry item in its own container — we recommend small jewelry boxes or bubble wrap bags — to prevent scratching, tangling, and to maintain the item’s current condition while packed,” explains Marshall Weber, organization, moving, and storage expert at Stor-It.

Control the temperature

“Necklaces and other fine jewelry are made out of precious metals, most of which are sensitive to heat,” Weber explains.

“A prolonged stay in an excessively hot environment can cause jewelry items to warp and their intricate designs to fade. For this reason, it’s wise to pack and store your jewelry in a climate-controlled space and keep the temperature under 75 degrees for ideal jewelry preservation.”

Don’t pack jewelry with newsprint

The ink can leave behind stains on your jewelry that may be difficult — or even impossible — to remove, depending on the materials.

Create a designated staging area

“Things can get a bit more chaotic when you’re moving, so you want to designate a space in your home where you’ll gather your valuables,” Karakaian says. “Make sure there is a clear delineation between these valuable items and boxes that will house common household items.”

A person taking photos of their necklaces before moving.
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Document everything

Karakaian recommends creating a shareable spreadsheet to document valuables like necklaces. “I like to also suggest uploading photos of those items to your spreadsheet for easy referencing when you get to your final destination,” she says.

Carry your valuables with you when you move

You’d never check your critical medications or your passport in your checked bag, right? You’d carry it on the plane with you to keep these important items protected and handy.

Use the same thinking when moving with valuable jewelry: Keep it close to you for safekeeping and peace of mind.

Moving is stressful, but you can rest assured that your necklaces will arrive in ready-to-wear condition if you listen to the experts!

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