Best and Coolest 19 Spice Containers in 2021

Spice Jars – 16 oz. clear plastic spice containers with shaker red two sided flip tops lids shaking sifter spoon caps – 6 sets – plus 2 mini spoons and 6 White indicating labels - Spice jars, 16 oz clear plastic spice containers with red dual flapper pour / shake lid two sided flip tops lids shaking sifter spoon caps, 6 sets, plus 2 mini spoons and 6 white indicating labels. Crystal clear pet the bottle is made out of crystal clear pet plastic so you can rely on this container to keep your spices dry, fresh, and ready to use at a moment’s notice its clear construction also makes for fast product identification and easily shows when your inventory is running low. Seal included the lid includes an induction-ready liner that can be used to seal the container a message is printed on the seal to indicate that it is sealed for your protection.

MapleKitch Set of 10 Magnetic Spice Jars – Magnetic Stainless Steel Spice Containers Organizers Multi-Purpose Storage Tins Shaker with Transparent Lids, Sift/Pour, Airtight Cap, Easy to Clean. - Modern design stainless steel tins, advanced design with best quality and a very transparent lid for the recognition of spices in each container and airtight cap for pouring and sprinkling. Long-lasting quality matertial, we care about our customers that is why we offer high quality stainless steel jars for long-term usage to satisfy our customers need this set of magnetic spice containers is the best choice for you. Easy to use, these magnetic spice jars lid can be adjusted according to your demand to sprinkle a certain amount of spices the light weighted spice tins can easily be mounted to any metal surface they do not occupy extra space in the kitchen also, they can easily be cleaned. Maplekitch 10 magnetic spice jars with strong backing, these high quality magnetic spice jars feature adhesive magnetic back that will stick to any steel object, including refrigerator as well as other appliances to save space in the kitchen. Customer’s satisfaction guaranteed, we always value our customers to provide the best quality to make you brand loyal if you have any issue or not satisfied with our product, you can get the replacement.

Stylish Wooden Salt and Spice Containers, Set of 2 – Natural Hard Wood Jars with Lids – Small Dry Herb Container and Moisture-proof Salt Cellar – Wooden Décor Box for Kitchen, Jewelry and Crafts. - Perfect gift for the kitchen, housewarming, wedding, birthday, christmas, easter, mother’s day, moms, women, men, grandmas, teachers, and girls. Kids safe salt bowl and shaker, won’t break like a glass jar, nor crack like a bamboo container smooth and sanded salt jar with rounded sides and polished surface easy to clean and store. Set of 2 small spice boxes with lids, wooden sea salt box capacity 2oz or 2fl oz of fine salt size 26-in wide and 16-in high made in poland (europe). Moisture-proof kosher salt containers, 2-colour sealed small wooden container for kitchen to keep your spices, herbs, teas, sugar, and salt clean and dry each salt cellar is made of 100% natural hard wood, a beautiful mix of natural dark and light beechwood. Decorative wooden box for women and men, pretty wooden storage box for small things and jewelry, holds whatever you like within easy reach looks pretty on the table or counter.

Clear Seasoning Rack Spice Pots by AIQI – 4 Piece Acrylic Seasoning Box – Storage Container Condiment Jars – Cruet with Cover and Spoon - Convenient premium spice jars with a removeable tray, it’s easy to clean by handwashing, easy for storage and anti-corrosive. Advantage clear spice jar set can help you save some space and make your kitchen neat and generous. Multi-purpose can be used to hold a variety of condimentspepper, sugar, salt, spice, chicken broth powder, corn starch and more. Size each box size is 83587cm/327228276in , and the whole set size is 1024402315in/261028cm. Perfect design storage spice jar is made of high quality acrylic material, keep your spice or sugar fresh and odor-free, and prevent dust.

Condiment Pots, 3 Pack Reusable Glass Spices Jars Condiment Jars Condiment Container Seasoning Containers Bottles Spices Container with Lids and Serving Spoons for Spices, Condiments, Seasonings - These condiment bottles with serving spoons sitting on your countertop looks pretty stylish, neat and modernish. Unique spoon and lid in one type design,avoid spoon falling out,just open the lid attached the spoon,dipper or brush and easily extract the condiment you need. The seasoning jars with lids made of high borosilicate glass, high temperature resistance, sturdy and durable, clear glass body for recognize and extract condiment quickly. Glass spice bottles with silicone gasket on its lid for offer a secure airtight seal preventing leak proof, dust and moisture to keep seasonings fresh for longer. Condiment jar with spoon can be used to hold a variety of condiments, such as salt, sugar, pepper, spices, seasoning, honey bee, olive oil, chicken broth powder, corn starch and more.

Aogist Acrylic Seasoning Box, 4 Piece Separable Spice Container with 4 Spoons and Stainless Steel Ring for Home, Kitchen - Perfect size each little spice pot-1068cm/ 393236314inwhole spice container set-255118cm/ 1003433314in. What you get 4 food storage jar, 4 serving spoons, 1 tray. Anti-skid bottom design the four corners of the base is equipped with eco-friendly rubber non-slip cushion, can prevent slippery and waterproof. Multi-purpose best for home, hotel, cafe, buffet, party, etc perfect for storing and preserving a variety of ingredients including salt, sugar, pepper, star anise, cuminpreserves, jams, chutneys, flour, tea, coffee, herbs, spices etc. High quality material made from high quality acrylic material and a the stainless steel ring around each pot, durable and easy to cleancompartment condiment dispensers, black non-slip seals at the four corners of the tray and around all the lids.

Lawei 3 pack Ceramic Sugar Bowls Set with Spoons and Bamboo Lids – Square Porcelain Condiment Jar Spice Container for Sugar, Serving, Spice, Salt - He sugar holder with lids is suitable for storing a variety of condiments and spices such as sugar, salt, spice, seasoning, pepper, corn starch and chicken broth powder and more. Included 3 pack square ceramic sugar bowls with spoons and flip top bamboo lids, the perfect size of 260 ml, 88 fl oz, 41″l x 314″w x 37″h. Come with bamboo base, hold 3 sugar bowls, the set comes with 3 x blackboard self-adhesive stickers and a pen you can write the name of the condiment, herb, spice or what you want. Elegant design, smooth appearance the glamorous white porcelain will complement on any home decor space saving flat back sits nicely against cabinet wall, fits comfortable on countertop,as well as coffee shelf. It’s a perfect housewarming’s day gift for yourself or for your darling wife, family, friends, colleagues, classmate.

Tabakh Stainless Steel Masala Dabba/Spice Container Box with 7 Spoons – Clear Lid - Made from the finest quality stainless steel material. Small container with spoon. Crystal finish glass lid, remove the protective screen for better results. Made in india. Please note remove the protective screen on the glass lid in order to get a crystal clear finish. Well designed for household utility.

12 Magnetic Spice Tins & 102 Clear Spice Labels, 12 Storage Spice Containers, Window Top w/Sift-Pour. Rack Magnetic On Refrigerators, Fridges and Cabinet Doors - Magnetic spice containers with amazing value 12 metal tins, 102 pre-printed labels each container measures 25″ diameter x 2″ high, 3-ounce with convenient see-through lid with magnetic backing. Magnetic spice tins + 102 spice label the magnetic spice tin stays securely in place so they are easy to get to, put away, and always convenient and organized. Magnetic spice rack is a way to organize your spices the tins feature clear lids for easy identification of contents and feature a sift and pour design these storage containers have a magnetic backing, so they will attach to any flat metal surface, including most appliance or refrigerator doors we recommend to keep them away from continuous steam (kitchen range) best cleaning practice before first use, we recommend hand-wash each tin with a damp cloth and hand-dry them right after. Best seller magnetic spice containers with 102 preprinted spice label pvc clear set transparent pvc material w/black fonts to maximize contrast.

YAMAZAKI home 2869 Tower Spice Container – Food Storage for Kitchen, Large, Clear - Brand yamazaki brings thought and creativity to everyday items through design inspired by life in japan items are created with special attention to simplicity, practically, quality, and saving space. Spicecontainer this the to use the kitchen it can hold sugar, salt, rice, flour, or any spice you may need to store. Functional the lid of the container is easy to pop open when busy in the kitchen the compact size makes it trouble-free to store in a pantry after use it comes with a spoon that holds 5ml and can be used as a measuring spoon. Design made of abs resin, the modern design is meant to match your kitchen décor and look great available in multiple sizes, it is available in either black or clear. Dimensions the container has dimensions of 5 9 x 3 5 x 4 3 inches.

Magnetic Spice Jars- Shake or Pour Containers Attach to Most Refrigerator Doors- Set of 24 Dispensers- Easy Open Window Top Shakers - Tight fit lids will not pop off. Lightweight but durable and easy to clean. Mounts easily to most refrigerator and appliance doors. Features see through lid with openings for pouring or shaking. Extra strong magnets allow you to keep your dispensers right at hand.

Aylson 3 Magnetic Spice Rack Wall Mount, Stainless Steel Spice Containers Wall Base for Magnetic Spice Tins (Tins Not Included) - Organization, wall mounted strips that work with your magnetic spice tins will allow you to organize your spices for a clutter free kitchen. Simple and convenient, wall mounted base for hanging magnetic spice containers make your kitchen look organized and save space with a magnetic spice rack. Easy mount, included with the three stainless steel strips (these stainless steel strips are not magnetic) and 12 extra strong adhesive stickers mount with ease and you can feel confident that they will not pull away from the wall. Size, these 3 inch x 12inch strips fit neatly on nearly any wall or interior of kitchen cabinet doors. Design- every wall plate racks have 4 round circular indents for tins fitting, no slipping down a flat surface the raised area is used to stick the two face adhesive discs.

Lily’s Home Round Bamboo Jar, Salt and Spices Storage Containers, Small 6oz Salt Box With Magnetic Lock. Set of 3 Wood Boxes - Set of 3 jars this wooden spice container set is perfect for salt and pepper or any other seasonings keep the containers at the table for quick and easy use when needed or by the stove top to use during cooking or to add finishing touches on your home-cooked dishes each box is perfectly sized to allow you to easily access a pinch or a spoonful. Keeps seasonings fresh and dry if you are looking for the perfect way to protect your seasonings and spices from moisture in the air, then lily’s home spice holders are the perfect choice for you the lids remain attached to the containers and easily slide back into place when you have used the desired amount of seasoning, locking in freshness and keeping moisture out. Multifunctional containers these smooth, round containers, although intended for spices, are also great for a variety of other things as well other uses include a paper clip holder for your desk or office, makeup storage, a jewelry organizer, or even as a fashionable button holder for your sewing or craft room. Helps reduce waste to save on waste and to save money overall as well, we suggest that you buy the spices you love in bulk this way you can simply refill our containers with spices when you run out rather than constantly needing to buy a new one from the store you can even wash the container and refill with a different set of spices. Contemporary design the sleek contemporary design of these bamboo spice containers will look great in your kitchen the smooth bamboo texture and color pair beautifully with marble and tile countertops their minimalist appearance allows these trendy containers to go with virtually any decor in fact, these round containers look great as a centerpiece at your kitchen table or counter.

Spice Jars – 3.4 oz Airtight Spice Containers | 24 Count Flip Top Glass Jars with Lids | Empty Spice bottles with 60 Labels, Chalkboard Pen, Magnetic Conversion Chart | Kitchen Spice Organizer - Safe and sturdy you can feel confident in using our jars because they are bpa, toxin, chemical and lead-free each jar is made from thick high-quality glass they are very sturdy and can withstand the test of time hand wash and dry recommended. Complete set each set of 24 hinged glass jars includes 60 oval chalkboard labels (30 preprinted and 30 blank) and a chalk marker get each of your jars labeled with its contents so you’ll never have to play the guessing game. Flip-top airtight lids the airtight swing top lids make opening and closing them super easy the orange gasket will keep the jar contents fresh by providing an air-tight secure seal preventing any leaks wide opening makes filling the jar and dispensing a breeze. So many uses these high-quality, multipurpose, clear square glass jars are ideal for storing spices, herbs, teas, jams, paper clips, bath salts and much more use them in your kitchen to get organized while adding some flair to your spice rack or use to store items in your bathroom or craft area you’ll never run out of ways to use these cute and handy jars. Lots of value this set offers 24 jars, allowing you to use them as you see fit in the kitchen or for other projects fill them with your special spices and gift them to friends, use as party favors, add a fun design element for party décor, or simply use them in your home to keep things fresh and/or organized simply hand wash jars in between uses and you can use them time and time again.

Aylson 12 Magnetic Spice Tins with Spice Racks Wall Mount & 120 Spice Labels, Storage Magnet Spice Containers, Clear Lid with Sift and Pour(Spices Not Included) - Versatile spice tin set- store and serve herbs ,spices and other seasonings like salt, pepper, peppercorn, garlic, basil, thyme, oregano, garlic and more the tins are also perfect for store and organize art and craft supplies, rubber bands, screws, paper clips and other small essentials in your kitchen or home office. Easy mount, included with the three stainless steel strips (these stainless steel strips are not magnetic) and 12 extra strong adhesive stickers mount with ease and you can feel confident that they will not pull away from the wall no nails or screws necessary every wall plate racks have 4 round circular indents for tins fitting no slipping down a flat surface. Multiple ways to set up, these storage containers have a magnetic backing, so they can be placed on your refrigerator, fridge door or almost any flat metal surface with the wall-plates you can place your spices anywhere in your kitchen, inside a cabinet door & out of the way we recommend not placing them near continuous steam (kitchen range)perfect for small apartments, rvs and tiny houses. Unique lid design- a clear lid is very handy in finding the right spice quickly and has a rotating design with sift or pour holes- four small holes let you add spices to foods at the dinner table and a large hole is ideal for mixing and cooking. Easy organization, wall mounted base for hanging magnetic spice containers make your kitchen look organized and save space with a magnetic spice rack perfect gift for a foodie or chef.

FOCCTS Magnetic Spice Tins 12, Magnetic Spice Jars Containers with Shaker Lids, Stainless Steel Spice Containers Wall Base, 120 Labelling Stickers - Set up what you what, upgrade design spice tins made with advanced magnetic feature which help you to keep them stick with refrigerator oven, stovecountertop, hang it on the wall, or tuck it away in a kitchen drawerthe stainless steel base can be attached to each position you want. Unique lid design, spice tins with clear lids is very convenient for finding the right spice quickly and has a rotating design with sift or pour holes-four small holes let you add spices to foods and a large hole is ideal for mixing and cooking. Neat storage, magnetic spice tins wall plate holds spice jars securely in place so they are easy to get to, put away, and always convenient and organized it is recommended to stick to a smooth surface. Muti-purpose spice container, the magnetic jars are not only for storing herbs, spices and other seasonings, but also perfect for store and organize art and craft supplies, screws, paper clips, spare change, rubber bands, push pins, buttons, or candy. 120 labelling stickers, magnetic spice containers set has 96 pre-filled different labelling stickers, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, black pepper, barbecue, lavender various spices another 24 blank stickers for you to edit.

Shradha Trading Stainless Steel Masala Box,Stainless Steel Spice Box, Stainless Steel Masala Dabba, Stainless Steel Spice Container, Indian Spice Box, Kitchen Spice Box, Spice Box for Chefs - Air tight & light tight, easy wash stainless steel and perfect to store spices. A spice box(masala dabba) is vital to anyone serious about cooking authentic indian food, no indian chef would be without one. Product contains 1 spice box includes 7 small container,1 spoon and 1 lid. Stainless steel masala dabba. An authentic, custom made, stainless steel masala dabba spice box with measuring spoon.

Foraineam 24 Pack 4 oz Screw Lid Round Tins Aluminum Empty Tins Metal Storage Tin Jars Spice Containers Travel Tin Cans - Material, made of aluminium, lightweight but durable, easy to carry. Wide uses, great containers for lip balms, lip gloss, creams, cosmetics, salve, pills, beads, screws, candies, buttons, coins, herbs, candles and much more they are also suitable for slime storage, making candles and diy craft. Features, tight sealed screw twist lid eliminating risk of leaking or melting and protects your products from light exposure and high temperature these tin cans have no sharp edges, all edges are rounded and are seamlessly formed. Package, includes 24 pieces of screw top round tins packed in easy-to-open boxes bulk pack meets your multipurpose uses. Specifications, size 3-1/4″ dia x 1″ height, capacity 4 oz / 120 ml, color matte black.

Meao 6 Spice Jars Bottles Portable Packing Bag- Stainless Steel Spice Containers Salt Sugar Pepper with Rotating Cover – Ideal Spice Tins for Indoor Kitchen Cooking and Outdoor Barbecue Camping Picnic - An essential and portable tool for bbq or kitchen, can be loaded with a variety of seasonings, bottle cap hole size suitable for using. The diameter 197in(5cm), height 315in(8cm), individual weight 14oz(40g). Humanized design, there are 3 kinds of different sizes of circular holes hole diameter small hole 2mm,medium hole 4mm,large hole 6mm. With rotating cover, the lid rotates closed, tight and reliable seal removable lid and easy to clean and dishwasher safe, practical and convenient. These storage spice jars is made of sturdy stainless steel, durable, healthy and safe.

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