Find a Place for Everything With a Portable Storage Caddy

There’s something about organizing your space that makes daunting projects and daily cleaning struggles seem easier. Having a place for all your small items is a great way to ensure that you’re actually using the products you have and not continuously buying new things you don’t need. That’s why we love using a storage caddy. Not only do they help organize frequently used items, but they also make it easy to move these items between rooms.

A storage caddy is a great way to keep frequently used items on hand. These durable, plastic organizers can hold cleaning supplies, kitchen items, bathroom essentials, tools, toys, and other small items that can be difficult to store. A storage caddy can be kept under a sink or in a garage or depending on its design, used when entertaining. Enjoy a backyard barbecue with friends and keep all your condiments in one place with a storage caddy. Make date night at home special by carrying your favorite snacks to the couch in a storage caddy. Help guests feel welcome by placing new bathroom items in a storage caddy in their guestroom.

Whether you’re looking for a place to store all of your car washing products or want to make carrying multiple water bottles to your weekly soccer game easier, there is a storage caddy for you. Check out the four best storage caddies below.