Hacks and Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen Drawers

Is the thought of organizing your kitchen drawers stressing you out? You’re not alone. It’s amazing how such a small space in your kitchen can bring about such clutter in your life. The good news? With a few small changes in your daily habits and future plans, you can have the cleanest and most organized kitchen drawers on the block!

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These super-simple hacks and tips for organizing your kitchen drawers will have you ready to tackle the rest of your house as well.

Hacks and Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen Drawers

It’s really no surprise that the kitchen drawers get so unorganized quickly. All those hands digging around, looking for stuff, and then just leaving it cluttered and a mess. In all reality, how many rubber bands, paperclips, and ketchup packets does a kitchen drawer need to have?

If it’s time to take back the drawers in your kitchen and use them for their true purpose, some of these simple organization tips are going to truly help!

Here are some of my favorite tips for getting your kitchen drawers decluttered and functional.

Empty out the drawer completely

Trying to organize a kitchen drawer without emptying it will have you going in circles. Do yourself a favor and empty it. Pull it off the tracks, turn it upside down, and dump it all out on your table.

This is the easiest way to get it all out of there and see what you’re really working with.

ways to declutter your kitchen drawers

Invest in drawer organizers

This is where Amazon or other online stores are going to be your best friend. There are some really great drawer dividers that you can purchase that are the right size for your drawers.

You can buy plastic ones or bamboo ones or some more modern choices as well. This is probably one of the easiest ways that you can organize a small space in your kitchen.

Use the space wisely

Here’s the deal. Many people think that there isn’t a ton of space in drawers but this is where they’re wrong. Drawers have an abundance of space in them as long as you’re using that space wisely. Use the entire length of the drawer for storage and store like-items as well.

Find a way that you can either layer items or use your drawer organizer to utilize every possible area of space.

Assign each kid a drawer

This idea might sound crazy…but it really works! The reason that the drawers in the kitchen get so unorganized in the first place is that everyone just constantly seems to dig around in the same one.

The simple solution? Give each kid their own drawer so that they know what is in it and what they need to take care of. You can have their snacks, their homework, notes, etc. in their drawer and have it much more organized than you ever thought possible.

Take the word “junk drawer” out of your vocabulary

Junk drawers are just that…full of junk. Is it just a midwestern thing to have a junk drawer or is this something common all over the world?

A just drawer is just like it sounds. And depending on what people want in their junk drawer, you’ll find pencils, staples, batteries, pens, a mousetrap, golf tees….and just about anything else that doesn’t have a designated spot in the house.

And to be honest, most of the stuff in the junk drawer doesn’t even belong in the kitchen at all!

More Awesome Organization Tips for Your Kitchen Drawers

Here are a few “quick wins” that you can do fast!

  • Leave the drawers empty for a while to get used to not shoving things in them
  • Use a label machine and label what goes into the drawer
  • Talk to your family members about not shoving things in the drawers

With these simple tips, you can easily declutter and your kitchen drawers with ease. And once you realize that drawers can close easily without having the hip-check them to stay closed, you’re going to love that feeling of empowerment to make the rest of your drawers just as clean!

Do you have any other tips on how to organize your kitchen drawers?

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