Simple Bathroom Accessories Ideas to add Function and Style

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. It should be clean, comfortable, welcoming, and stylish at all times. With the advent of modern technology and science, there are many innovative bathroom accessories ideas that can help you remodel your bathroom without much hassle. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on purchasing different products for designing your bathroom. In fact, a simple bathroom accessories idea will suffice to make your bathroom look stylish. Here are some simple bathroom accessories ideas to add function and style.

Stylish Mirror

Bathroom mirrors are among the popular bathroom accessories ideas to add style and function to your bathroom. There are so many reasons behind having bathroom mirrors. The first reason is to avoid eye strain when grooming. The next reason is that the bathroom mirror will illuminate your space, especially for your small bathroom. Bathroom mirrors are available in various sizes and shapes. Choose the better one that suitable for your bathroom sizes and styles.

Using a large bathroom mirror will create the illusion of a spacious room and will provide extra lighting. This is suitable for you to attach to your small bathroom because the room will look more spacious and attractive. Combined with a mirror door cabinet will make your appearance more stylish. Large mirror from digsdigs.

This large mirror above the sink gives an interesting look for you to try so that it will create the illusion of a large space and create extra lighting in the room. Combined with gray and white shades, it will give a warm and airy impression to the room. Complete the decor with a gray cabinet and some extra storage to make your bathroom tidy. Large mirror above the sink from digsdigs.

Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper is one of the simple bathroom accessories ideas the very functional for your bathroom. It comes in various styles and types. To add style to your bathroom, you can choose the toilet paper holder in a unique shape. Such as toilet paper holders from ropes, toilet paper holders that have a shabby chic or industrial vibe, and another unique toilet holder that can make your bathroom more functional and stylish.

This rustic wooden box is a brilliant way to store toilet paper and other small items in your bathroom without losing the basic look of your bathroom. This unit is not only efficient but also very light, so you don’t have to worry about any mess on your bathroom walls. Rustic wooden box storage from homebnc.

If you’re looking for a country-style toilet paper holder, this product is simple enough to enhance the look of your bathroom without being too eye-catching. Using these ropes and pieces of wood is not only simple but takes up less space, ideal for smaller bathrooms. Vintage rope toilet paper holder from diycraftsy.

Mason Jar

Who doesn’t know a mason jar? This is one of the items that usually used for home decoration. This item has a lot of functions. It can be used as decorative items and organizers too. And for the bathroom decor, you can use the mason jar for the decorative items and organizer at the same time. All you need to do is just look for the mason jar around your home and use them to organize your toothbrush, toiletries, and makeup supplies. For more attractiveness, paint the mason jar with your favorite color.

One useful bathroom accessory to have is a cute set of jars for storing all your bathroom necessities with great ease. This brilliant idea of mason jar storage will complete the look of your bathroom. You can repaint it to give the room the perfect decoration. Repaint mason jar storage from masonjarcraftslove.

The mason jar is very versatile, and this one can be used to store your toiletries in this bathroom. You can do anything with this wall organizer. You can stick it on the wall of the room and it will make a neat impression in this tiny bathroom. Hanging mason jar storage from lizmarieblog.

Unique Towel Hooks

When talking about bathroom accessories, towel hooks can’t be missed. This is an important item and that everyone needs. But in order to enhance the bathroom look, you can install towel hooks that have a unique look. Such as personalized towel hooks with the “His” and “Her” signs or another sign. It does not only add style to your bathroom but also still functioned

If you share a bathroom with someone, you may have realized how much of a hassle it is keeping things apart. A personalized towel hook is a perfect way to keep things in place without having to worry about them getting mixed up ever again. Towel hooks from homebnc.

Every bathroom has some type of towel hook for hanging your things. Choosing a pin with a board is a brilliant idea for you to try. Add writing on the wooden planks to create a bathroom decoration that catches people’s attention. Sings wall hooks from homebnc.

Functional Floating Shelves

The functional floating shelves are one of the bathroom accessories needed. This floating shelf comes with the towel bar underneath. You can use the surface to put your small items or other bathroom supplies and use the towel bar to put your towel. This is a brilliant way to get a functional and stylish look at the same time. This unit is not only efficient but also incredibly light.

A simple wooden shelf propped against the wall is one of the easiest ways to spruce up your bathroom accessories game and make this space appear clutter-free. This industrial design shelf is great for storing towels or any kind of necessity that you need. It can also be placed on your bathroom wall and still look great. Several ornaments were also added to create the perfect room decoration. Wooden shelf storage from homebnc.

Shower Curtain

If you applying a bathtub in your bathroom, you can add a shower curtain for the bathroom accessories. It does not only cover your bathtub but it also will make your bathroom looks different. Especially, if you choose the shower curtain that has an interesting pattern. You can choose a floral pattern for a festive look or a striped pattern for the simple one.

Decorating a bathroom by adding a flower-patterned curtain is an interesting room decoration idea for you to try. Apart from that, it will give privacy to your bathtub. Combined with open shelf storage above the toilet, this creates a stunning view of the space. Floral patterned curtain from homebnc.

There are many other bathroom accessories ideas to add style and grace to your bathroom. You just need to search well. When you are choosing a material for your bathroom accessories it should be comfortable and easy to clean.