The 25+ Coolest Keychains for a Man’s Everyday Carry, From Pocket Clocks to Self-Defense Tools

Technology has come a long way, but one old-school staple remains in everyone’s pocket: keys. They’re unavoidable, and most of us even have several keys and key fobs jingling around our keychain. We have keys for our home, car, office, parents’ house, mailbox and so on. And because keys are a necessary part of our everyday carry, a functional keyring or cool keychain is a great way to make use of that space in your pocket.

The best keychains range from simple keyholders to fully functional pocket knives that are sure to get you stopped by airport security. If you have a useful tool on your keychain (pocket knife, bottle opener, etc), then you probably won’t forget your keys when you leave the house because they’re attached to one of your most important EDC items.

If you want to join the army of men taking advantage of this handy pocket space, read on to find our favorite keychains for men. We rounded up 29 coolest keychains that provide a lot of utility beyond keeping all your keys in one place.


1. Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife


If you’ve never carried a pocket knife before, give it a shot; we promise you won’t go back. And even if you already have a plethora of knives, this best-selling Victorinox Swiss Army knife will still carve a spot in your pocket. At just 2.25 inches, you won’t notice its presence in your pocket or bag, but the knife, file, scissors, tweezers and toothpick included in the multi-tool will come in handy very often. Plus, as you probably already know, the Victorinox Swiss Army knife is really in a league of its own in terms of quality when it comes to multifunctional pocket knives.

 Swiss Army Knife Keychain - The Coolest Keychain overall

Buy: Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife $16.99


2. Bar Buddyz Keychain Bottle Opener


Bottle opener keychains are for the guys who have their priorities straight: keys and beer. But even if you’re not popping cold ones every day, this covert Bar Buddyz bottle opener will come in handy at parties, picnics, beaches and even at home when you’re too lazy to dig around for the opener (it happens to the best of us). The bottle opener has a sleek design that fits smoothly against your leg, and it’s made of durable hard-anodized aluminum, so you’ll be able to throw around without worrying about it breaking.

best keychains - Keychain Bottle Opener

Buy: Bar Buddyz Keychain Bottle Opener $7.17


3. Lancher Keychain


Believe it or not, hanging your keychain from your belt loop has recently gone from dad move to skater style swerve. Not to mention it’s still very convenient for quick access to your keys without digging through your pocket. We recommend this cool keychain from Lancher because it features a quick-release clip and comes highly recommended on Amazon as a #1 best-selling keychain. This is due to a premium build quality that not only feels sturdy in your hand, but also withstands drops and scrapes.

Keychain Belt Clip Quick Release

Buy: Lancher Keychain $8.99


4. Binglala Simple Fidget Toy Pop


For those of you that find yourself fidgeting more frequently than not, this tiny toy can give those moving fingers something to do. It’s a great stress reliever when you’re having an annoying workday, when you’re feeling uncomfortable on the train or simply when you’re just a little bored.

Binglala Simple Fidget Toy Pop

Buy: Binglala Simple Fidget Toy Pop $14.99


5. Sackville & Co. Carrying Case Keychain


This carrying case keychain is great for hiding… things… if you catch our drift. It’s made with a waterproof, airtight seal so nothing will stink up your home, work or car and looks just like a whistle if anybody asks any questions. It’s a best-seller at Urban Outfitters, so you know damn well this puppy works.

Sackville & Co. Carrying Case Keychain


6. Tile Mate Key Finder


We all lose our keys every now and then… maybe more than we’d like to admit. Recently, the case of runaway keys has been solved by Tile, a mini tracking device that you clip on your keychain (or any other personal belongings). If you can’t find your keys, just open the tile app on your phone and locate the device through GPS tracking and then listen for the Tile beep when you’re close. Plus, you can use the Tile itself to find a lost smartphone by clicking the button on the device. This will make your phone ring – even if it’s on silent.

Tile Mate Key Finder

Buy: Tile Mate Key Finder $24.99


7. Original Tamagotchi


If you never had a Tamagotchi growing up then, damn, you missed out. Make up for lost time with this OG Tamagotchi keychain that will in fact keep you up at night and/or crap all over the floor as you’re sleeping. It’s a commitment without the actual commitment, which is all you really need right now.

Original Tamagotchi

Buy: Original Tamagotchi $16.28


8. Key-Bak Locking Retractable Keychain


One step up from a belt loop keychain is a retractable keychain. Sure, it’s a bit dorky, but it’s super practical and cool keychain, which is ideal when choosing your EDC items. Retractable keychains have a cord system that keeps your keys on the chain and snaps them back in place on your hip when you’re not using them. If you work somewhere that requires constant key usage – or you just hate fumbling with keys at the door – try one of these. This one from Key-Bak comes very highly-rated with more than 1,800 reviews and 4.4 stars, as users say the high-quality locking mechanism works consistently without a hitch.

cool keychains - Retractable Keyring Locking

Buy: Key-Bak Locking Retractable Keychain $12.54


9. Peel Keychain Touch Tool


We’ve covered the Peel on SPY before, but the long and short of it is the keychain provides a touchless option to touch buttons and open doors. This is extremely helpful for our post-COVID world, because even though the majority of the United States is doing pretty good in terms of COVID, we’re still looking to avoid touching items that might be germ-filled in the future. The sturdy and elegant brass construction also provides a bottle opener and will patina nicely with use.

Peel Keychain Touch Tool


10. Aulpon 3 Pack 1 oz Stainless Steel Keychain Flask


You never know when you need a bit of a sip to take the edge off, so why not carry a tiny flask on your keys for those just in case moments? A shot at the doctor’s office, a shot in the office, a shot on the — whatever. A shot whenever you need a shot.

Aulpon 3 Pack 1 oz Stainless Steel Keychain Flask

Buy: Aulpon 3 Pack 1 oz Stainless Steel Keychain Flask $13.99


11. Luca Elf Aid Screwdriver Keychain


Having quick and easy access to a crucial tool like a screwdriver can be a real gamechanger, which is why this keychain from Luca Elf Aid is so clutch. By having both standard screwdriver heads on one keyring, you’ll never have to fret about not having a full screwdriver set nearby.

best keychains for men - Luca Elf Aid Screwdriver Keychain

Buy: Luca Elf Aid Screwdriver Keychain $6.69


12. Converse ALL STAR Keychain


Listen, not all keychains have to be functional, they can be just for fun and for show . . . like this Converse ALL STAR sneaker keychain for example. What better way to show your admiration for a beloved footwear staple than with this option that comes in just as many color options as the actual shoe itself.

cool keychains - Converse ALL STAR Keychain

Buy: Converse ALL STAR Keychain $17.43


13. Mio Marino Leather Initial Keychain


Some guys aren’t concerned with tools or special keychains and just need a good, classic keychain. If that sounds like you then elevate your personal effects with this stylish leather keychain from Mio Marino. It features a single letter on the fob and durable construction to keep all your keys in one place. On the opposite end, you’ll find a clip for attaching it to your belt or hanging it on the wall at home. Also, pick this up as a great gift (ideally for someone that always loses their keys).

best keychains for men - Leather Keychain Initial

Buy: Mio Marino Leather Initial Keychain $12.99


14. Dakota Watch Company Digi Clip Watch


Never run late again because this time, you’ll really have no excuse. Although you have a consistent on-the-go clock in your pocket at all times and potentially even one on your wrist, give yourself the extra reminder by adding a clock to your keys. This one is handsome and digital, so it’ll look super sleek on your keychain and you’ll never have to worry about accidentally resetting it as you walk.

Dakota Watch Company Digi Clip Watch - BEST TIME-TELLER keychain

Buy: Dakota Watch Company Digi Clip Watch $54.99


15. Witharmour 3″ Pocket Knife


The best keychains for men include a lot of knives, what can we say? Even in the 21st century, a small knife is one of the most useful things you can keep on your person. If you just need a go-to everyday pocket knife, this mini keychain knife from Witharmour is a great purchase. Although it’s very affordable at just $10, it features a quality 440 high carbon stainless steel blade (meaning it’s durable and sharp) and a reliable nylon fiber handle. With a 2-inch blade, it’s also a great size for handling a wide range of everyday tasks without being too large.

best keychains for men - Keychain Pocket Knife

Buy: Witharmour 3 $16.99


16. Clips Key Holder Keychain


Recently, people have been upgrading their keychains to these key holders. Instead of letting all your keys dangle freely, the product organizes them into a pocket knife-like fashion for easy access and streamlined storage. This makes finding your keys much faster and eliminates that annoying jangle in your pocket or bag. We recommend this multitool from Clips because it has rave reviews on Amazon, and comes with a few handy keychain gifts including a bottle/SIM opener, a carabiner and a cash stash.

Clips Key Holder Keychain

Buy: Clips Key Holder Keychain $17.89


17. GETFIT Mini Keychain Pendant Tetris Game Box


Who said keychains can’t be fun? This mini Tetris player makes the case that keychains can, in fact, be a source of fun – even if you’re a grown-up. The tiny device clips onto your keychain like any other accessory, but lets you bust out a quick game of Tetris while you wait for the subway or take a break from work.

GETFIT Mini Keychain Pendant Tetris Game Box


18. EverBrite Mini Flashlight (18-Pack)


Flashlights are another great keychain and EDC essential that you’ll end up using more than you might think. Whether you need a light for reading, fixing something, searching under the car seat for your phone, or in emergencies, mini flashlights are a great addition to your everyday carry. With this 18-pack of mini flashlights from EverBrite, you (and your family) won’t have a shortage of torches for quite some time. They’re just over 3 inches long, so they won’t be a nuisance in your pocket or bag.

Mini Flashlight Keychain Pack

Buy: EverBrite Mini Flashlight (18-Pack) $20.99


19. Gucci Silver Logo Keychain


Want to sport a beloved brand with your keychain? Try this sleek-looking Gucci Silver Logo Keychain that will add an expensive touch to your house keys. It’s flawlessly sculpted to the Gucci gods and looks features an overall antique-looking vibe that we can’t get enough of. Does it serve a purpose? Not necessarily, but it certainly makes your keys a lot more stylish.

Gucci Silver Logo Keychain


20. Monstera adansonii ‘Archipelago’ Keychain


Got a plant at home you can’t stop referring to as your son? That’s weird. Anyway, this is the perfect keychain for you. Sport that plant obsession no matter where you’re headed with this beautifully crafted monstera leaf chain that’ll add the green you need to your house keys. You don’t even have to water this one.

Monstera adansonii 'Archipelago' Keychain


21. Native Union Keychain Cable


There are few things worse than not being able to charge your phone when it’s running out of battery. Fortunately, this keychain cable from Native Union has a lightning cord to USB cord hidden inside of it for you to plug in and charge your iPhone anywhere you need to do so which frees you up to not have to worry about ensuring you have a full charger cord on you at all times.

best keychains for men - Native Union Keychain Cable

Buy: Native Union Keychain Cable $29.99


22. Craighill™ Helix Key Ring


Looking for something clean and simple to brighten up your keys? This twisted gold keyring from J.Crew is a fantastic and handsome looking option that adds just the right touch to any set of keys. J.Crew is obviously best known for their stylish men’s and women’s clothing, but this keyring currently has us all over their accessory section.

Craighill™ Helix Key Ring

Helix Key Ring" data-price="$30.00" rel="nofollow"> Buy: Craighill™ Helix Key Ring $30.00
Helix Key Ring" data-price="30.00" rel="nofollow">


23. Relationship Key Chain Set


Have a lucky lady or guy in your life? Commemorate where the two of you are from, where you met or your favorite place in the entire world with this incredibly cute keychain set that will help bring you together. Each order comes in a set of two and you can even choose two different states. Send us a pic of you get Hawaii, we’d love to see it.

Relationship Key Chain Set


24. James Brand Mehlville Keychain


When we wrote about the Mehlville on this very site, we were overwhelmingly impressed with its durability, functionally, and just how overwhelmingly elegant it was. The clip functions as a bottle opener as well as by providing a definitely secure space for your keys to sit when you have it clipped. Plus it looks like a little whale! We can’t recommend it enough.

best keychains for men - James Brand Mehlville Carabiner Clip


25. ElalyCuts Song Keychain


Take your favorite jam with you at all times with this commemorative acrylic keychain. Whether it be your wedding song, constant mood or go-to bop, this is the keychain to represent your specific taste in music. Each chain comes with a scannable QR or Spotify code that will help you easily listen to the song whenever your heart desires.

ElalyCuts Song Keychain


26. Idakey Men’s Keychain


This cool multi-functional keychain from Idakey is an Amazon’s Choice for a variety of reasons. From its sturdy, zinc alloy construction to the variety of different components (bottle opener, led light, and clip) it’s worth investing in if you’re looking to keep a really functional item on your keyring.

best keychains for men - Idakey Keychain

Buy: Idakey Keychain $9.89


27. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Keychain


For the movie-obsessed, this Millennium Falcon keychain is a quick way to let everyone know you’re in support of the Rebellion against the evil Galatic Empire. Its metal construction will hold up well to heavy repeated use and will make you feel like you’re one step away from being Han Solo yourself.

cool keychains for men - Star Wars Millennium Falcon Keychain

Buy: Star Wars Millennium Falcon Keychain $6.90


28. Mirror Charm Keychain


We know you’re constantly fixing your hair in your day to day. End long walks to the bathroom mirror or utilizing your iPhone camera with this wildly inexpensive mirror charm keychain. For just under two bucks, you can quickly fix whatever you need on that head and mug with ease.

Mirror Charm Keychain


29. Zorratin Paracord Weave Men’s Keychain


If you’re looking for a distinctive, metal-less keyring, this woven paracord keychain from Zorratin is worth your consideration. The paracord loop has a nice feel in your hand that’s sturdy enough to last through all kinds of heavy use, while the keyring itself is thick and offers plenty of storage space for your keys and other essentials.

cool keychains for men - Zorratin Paracord Weave Keychain

Buy: Zorratin Paracord Weave Keychain $6.99


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