To Push Present or Not? Here’s the Low Down

We have a few thoughts on push presents.

If you haven’t heard of the idea of a “push present”, get this: the concept might actually be centuries old. The Indian ritual of godh bharai is similar to a baby shower, although in this case, instead of the typical bottles and baby swing, the expecting mom is lavished with gifts and cash (um, yes please). To absolutely no one’s surprise, celebrity culture has increased the push present’s popularity. Kristin Cavallari was treated to a Birkin Bag in 2012, courtesy of now-hubby Jay Cutler. Jay-Z gifted Beyoncé a blue diamond worth $35K (apparently, Jays give solid presents).

On the flip side, some people aren’t big fans of the concept. We’ve heard that the baby is (obviously) the best gift already, so if you’re in the “nope” camp, we get it. That said, many believe that new moms should have whatever they want. We can’t really argue that, either.

Our take? If you or your partner is Team Push Present, we have some excellent ideas (though we skipped the Birkin Bag thing because…wow). Not into the idea? Consider just making sure your favorite new mom is as supported as possible—cooking, cleaning, watching the little one while she gets a much-needed shower. Actually, we have a little experience in  New Mom Territory and would highly suggest doing that, regardless of gift-giving. New mom yourself? You have all the permission in the world to pick yourself up something from our (awesome) list below. Or link your partner for a little hint-dropping.

The Louise Dress from Marea


It's totally possible you don't feel like dressing up in the days and weeks after delivering your little one, and we so get it. That's why we love The Louise. It's a lounge dress. It's a swim cover-up. It's your go-to to feel more polished—add a belt, wear it off or on your shoulders. 100% cotton means you'll be temperature-regulated and comfortable. One size fits dress sizes 0-16. The Louise Dress from Marea ($198.00)—Buy Here!

Mini Love Letters "Mama" Necklace

Easter Ahn Design

This dainty necklace in 14k solid gold is a quintessential push present. If you're not really a "mama" person, it also comes in a "mom" option. Mini Love Letters "Mama" Necklace ($315.00)—Buy Here!

Everyday Nap Earrings Trio

Maison Miru

Okay, so you're probably not thinking a lot about jewelry, but that's why we love the Nap Earrings from Maison Miru! They're the set-it-and-forget-it of the accessory world and can be worn all the time, thanks to the flat backs that even make it easy to sleep on. Maison Miru Nap Earrings ($230.00)—Buy Now!

Virgin Experiences

Virgin Experiences

There's no reason to limit your gifts to stuff. Virgin Experiences has everything from massages, spa days, yoga experiences, art classes, city tours, and more. Or, give a Virgin Experiences gift card and let mom pick for herself. Virgin Experiences (Price Varies)—Buy Here!

Pearl Apple Watch Band by Goldenerre


You're already keeping track of...everything. Your smartwatch is a lifesaver, so keep it on a pretty band that makes it feel a little more like jewelry and less like a tool. It's available in both gold and silver, and may we suggest adding the matching pearl tennis bracelet? Pearl Apple Watch Band by Goldenerre ($158.00)—Buy Here!

Sterling Silver Birth Flower Earrings

Sterling Forever

Dainty earrings are always welcome with grabby baby hands about, and these birth flower earrings are perfect for commemorating your baby's birthday month. They're available in sterling silver or 14k gold plating. Sterling Silver Birth Flower Earrings ($52.00)—Buy Here!



A super healthy & delicious mushroom-based adaptogenic coffee boost? The Chagaccino is the health & wellness version of the mocha latte, and spiked with an effective dose of the planet’s greatest adaptogens. It also tastes amazing. (If you're nursing, you'll want to speak to your healthcare provider before starting a supplement, just to be safe.). Chagaccino 30-Serving Starter Kit ($74.99)—Buy Here!

A Powerful Force Necklace Set by Air & Anchor

Air & Anchor

While the description of this lovely necklace set mentions Cupid, we're seriously firm believers that holding your babe for the very first time is even more powerful. A Powerful Force Necklace Set by Air & Anchor ($318.00)—Buy Here!

Sculpting Square Neck Swimsuit


We know. We have the nerve to add a swimsuit to this list. Trust us, though. After having a baby, few things feel as good as feeling supported—mentally, obviously, but physically, some compression helps with postpartum recovery. The Stylest swimsuit is ultra-supportive, extremely flattering, and perfect for dipping your toes back in the water. It also comes in several colors, so you can find the perfect suit for your style. Stylest Sculpting Square Neck Swimsuit ($198.00)—Buy Here!

Initial Diamond Pendant by Keyzar


Settling on a baby name can be a challenge in itself, so celebrating your little one and their perfect name is a must. The initial diamond pendant comes in yellow, white, or rose gold, and these stunning lab-grown diamonds let you feel good about an ethical purchase. Initial Diamond Pendant by Keyzar ($780.00)—Buy Here!

Delia Dress in Multicolor Floral

Ivy City Co.

Something about having a go-to dress makes all the difference. It can be challenging to find clothes that are comfortable and make you feel good, and this stunning dress checks both boxes. It's an all-occasion piece that you can wear to weddings, brunch, and running errands (while staying cool and unrestricted). It's also maternity-friendly, so it'll easily be a favorite for years to come. Ivy City Co. Delia Dress in Multicolor Floral ($118.00)—Buy Here!

Leather Jewelry Pouch


It's so easy to misplace your most treasured jewelry, especially when you're focused on more important things. This beautiful jewelry pouch from Lucrin holds all of your sparkles securely, will last an incredibly long time, and comes in a ton of colors. Keeping your special pieces in a special place is definitely a gift. Lucrin Leather Jewelry Pouch ($265.00)—Buy Here!

The Elena Woven Handbag


Made from handwoven premium Vachetta leather, this stunning handbag is perfect for a seriously stylish diaper bag, travel bag, or everyday tote. It's handwoven in L3 Marche, Italy, comes in two hues, and is lined with 100% cotton. This is truly an heirloom. The Elena Woven Handbag by Milaner ($765.00)—Buy Here!

Primal Life Face Sculptor Ultrasonic Wand

Primal Life

This beauty does it all—from cleansing, moisturizing, and sculpting, it's an all-in-one tool that clears pores, lifts, and refines. It's ideal for sensitive postpartum skin and increases circulation. A spa treatment in the bathroom? Find us a mom who doesn't deserve that. We'll wait. Primal Life Face Sculptor Ultrasonic Wand ($141.75)—Buy Here!

Cadis Line Bracelet


Jaw-dropping? Absolutely. This multi-shape line bracelet from Cadis is designed with ethically-created lab diamonds and 925 silver. It's the true definition of "bling" and we can't stop staring. Cadis Line Bracelet ($580.00)—Buy Here!

Butter & Me Renew Essential Selfcare Kit

Butter & Me

This is serious luxury. A lotion melt bar, moisturizing bar soap, body scrub, skin mask, and lip balm round out this beautiful collection from Butter & Me. Butter & Me Renew Essential Selfcare Kit ($70.00)—Buy Here!

Halo 42 Oil Over Me Face & Body Elixir

Halo 42

This isn't just body oil. It's moisturizing, smoothing, and anti-inflammatory. After applying this golden serum to your whole face and body don't forget to enjoy the relaxing aroma that comes from the au natural geranium, rosehip, chamomile and rosemary oils. Use it anywhere you need some extra love. Halo 42 Oil Over Me Face & Body Elixir ($96.00)—Buy Here!

Google Pixel Pro 7


The new Google Pixel Pro 7 offers a seriously state-of-the-art camera with easy-to-use features that’ll capture every family moment perfectly—whether that’s using Photo Unblur to resurrect shaky photos taken while wrangling the kids or an ultrawide front-facing camera to fit the whole crew in a selfie. Google Pixel Pro 7 ($699.00)—Buy Here!

Baby Keepsake Library

Uncommon Goods

Store cherished keepsakes like hospital name bracelets, lost teeth, and favorite binkies safely and all in one place with this library-style organizer using its illustrated labels, acid-free drawers, vertical files, and tiny envelopes. This library-style display keeps everything together where you can reach for it anytime. Baby Keepsake Library ($95.00)—Buy Here!

Manta Sleep Mask

Manta Sleep/Amazon

We know that this isn't the time where many new parents are getting a ton of sleep, and that's why making the most out of the sleep you do get is so important. Adjustable eye cups mold perfectly to your face to block 100% of light, and true blackout unlocks maximum deep sleep in any environment & any position. Manta Sleep Mask ($39.00)—Buy Here!

Labor & Delivery Essentials Bundle

Kindred Bravely

Create the perfect comfort kit with a full nine pieces in total, featuring Kindred Bravely's best-selling hospital and postpartum styles. Kindred Bravely Labor & Delivery Essentials Bundle ($133.95)—Buy Here!

Big Blanket Co Premiere Plush Blanket

Big Blanket Co

One big fluffy blanket. The Premier Plush blanket is a 10’ x 10’ ultra-plush, breathable, all season microfiber blanket that wraps you in cozy, cloud-like comfort. For sleeping, nursing, couch cuddles, and generally keeping new moms feeling cozy. Big Blanket Co Premiere Plush Blanket ($279.00)—Buy Here!

Rainbow Moonstone Point

Victory Crystals

These beautiful crystals are created with rainbow moonstone—a stone linked to the divine feminine, and is a symbol of love. It can be helpful in alleviating emotional tension and enhancing creativity, intuition, and self-expression. It's said to promote ease and help balance the hormones during the menstrual cycle, puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. Whether they're into the whole crystal thing or not, it's such a pretty gesture. Rainbow Moonstone Point ($19.00)—Buy Here!

Bouqs Flower Subscription


Whether it's every week or every month, gift them farm-fresh flowers from one of our favorite florists. Starting at just $44/month, you can pick your frequency and give them something to look forward to over and over again. Bouqs Flower Subscription ($44.00/month+)—Buy Here!

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