Walmart Just Dropped The Home Edit’s New Line & It’s Organizational Zen

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You’re in good company if you’ve started a shelf in your pantry for nothing but errant Christmas ornaments that you keep finding around the house and don’t know where to put them. Or perhaps you were a whiz at storing all of your decorations, but your closet looks like someone dropped the A-bomb in it.

You can’t be perfect at everything, but with Walmart’s new partnership with The Home Edit, you can definitely do something about those little organizational dirty secrets you’ve been hiding. Like all the rest of us.

Featuring starter packs for the pantry, bathroom and laundry rooms in your home, plus a multi-purpose pack for anyplace else that needs a little organizational love—all in Shearer and Teplin’s trademark clean, clear finish—this collection will have you whipping messes into shape in no time.

The Home Edit 5 Piece Pantry Edit


Welcome to snack storage nirvana. We hope you enjoy your time here.

The Home Edit Low Wall Turntable


Not only is this turntable perfect for the kitchen, but it's also a game-changer on the craft table.

The Home Edit 5 Piece Laundry Edit


Stackable for maximum countertop folding space, these laundry organizers are the bomb.

The Home Edit 8 Piece Multipurpose Edit


Whether you're the organized-by-color LEGO type or you really just need something to dump them all in, this multipurpose cube is for you. Use it for toys, crafts, hair bows and anything you need to organize.

The Home Edit Everything: Large Bin


This large bin is your go-to for anything and everything. Put socks in it and slide it under their bed. Put toys in it and stack it on a shelf. Put bath toys in it and pop it under your sink. The options are endless.

The Home Edit 10 Piece Plastic Bath Edit


It's a fact. This drawer organizer will change your life.

The Home Edit Everything: Narrow Bin


This narrow bin works as well in the pantry as it does on the desktop, or even in the playroom.

—Shelley Massey

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